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The not so old concept of Surrogacy Options has come about in the last few decades and there has been a major upheaval in its acceptance by the common couples of all societies. It might be surprising to the majority, however even in today’s advanced and accessible state of options the word surrogate itself comes with an eye-raising effect on the majority of couples. As a consequence, even those who suffer from the problem of being childless and along with it the associated discrimination within the society, are still reluctant to go ahead with surrogacy. To a certain extent illiteracy can be blamed as the major reason for the ignorance; however couples do still harbor a host of preconceived notions about the practice that resists them from taking its full advantage.

In an increasingly open minded approach there is no dearth of ‘fertile mothers’ who are well contacted by the hospitals and healthcare organizations providing such services. As the social awareness for such kind of Surrogacy Options is on the rise, women are increasingly interested in providing their invaluable time and effort as a social cause. In advanced western societies, it is quite a norm to take the services of any interested surrogacy option for the entire tenure as a professional help. More than anything, the ‘other mother’ is also as interested and involved with the process where monetary compensation is secondary. The foremost need is that of helping a couple and understanding their predicament of going childless.

Most women, who have volunteered for such an important role that is more centered to other people most of whom are not even known to the concerned surrogate option, confess that they do it more out of a feeling of being able to help. This is a genuine feeling of empathy towards any fellow couple that may be going childless for a vast number of reasons. But to make the various Surrogacy Options possible for them and bring it to their homes is what makes all the difference.

The cause of Surrogacy Options available in the market today has already gone great metamorphosis within less than 50 years since its origin. Over these years, the process has definitely become more convenient and organized. However a sense of chance and skepticism that often adjoins these cases is something that can easily be done away with. After all both statistics and practical experience proves that they are as reassuring as the natural way to procreate.
In India, surrogacy as a medical process has matured to the point where some clinics specialize in surrogacy (which generally means they have IVF-egg transfer facilities, help identify surrogates, and assist in the legal/contractual process), generally giving them more experience and a greater understanding of the process than U.S. and European clinics that focus primarily on the more traditional IVF.

Surrogacy can be a mighty and life-altering path for those who want to have a family but cannot do so naturally. Unfortunately, for many couples surrogacy is not an option because of exorbitant costs or legal barriers. In the UK, for example, a surrogate cannot be compensated for services, causing fewer available surrogates. The law also favors the surrogate in terms of her choice to keep or relinquish the child at the end of the pregnancy. Couples in the US face similar barriers in terms of legal issues along with high costs for fertility treatments. Medical tourism can provide a way around these barriers.
When considering surrogacy abroad it is important to know what options are available. There are two types of surrogacy procedures that each aspiring surrogate, couple or individual must know about before approaching a medical tourism provider.

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Surrogacy Options in India

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This article was published on 2012/01/20